This Republican Party Bothers Me

(I am a reg­is­tered inde­pen­dent and my views align with the Lib­er­tar­ian, Repub­li­can, and Demo­c­ra­tic Par­ties, yes, all at once. I con­sider myself a social lib­er­tar­ian, some­thing I con­jured up on my own to explain my views, which are too com­plex to explain here.)

The Repub­li­can Party of the United States over the past sev­eral years has both­ered me, more and more.

The party has in the past years under­gone a change that I believe will not cause the party to gain more unity, but rather cause more peo­ple to split from the party. The party has been pretty con­sis­tent in only area, every­where else it says and does two very dif­fer­ent things. The party also seems to be pro­mot­ing the idea that logic and intel­li­gence are flawed qual­i­ties in a politi­cian. Wikipedia (as nor­mal in this day and age) has more sources and more infor­ma­tion than I could hope to con­vey regard­ing this so go look there for more details.

My largest prob­lem with the party has been a pro­mo­tion of peo­ple who gen­uinely appear to know noth­ing about how prox­im­ity doesn’t equal expe­ri­ence, eco­nom­ics, inter­na­tional affairs, or it seems just about any­thing other than reli­gion or lip­stick. I am gen­uinely both­ered when oppo­nents paint Obama as an elit­ist to win an elec­tion. I want an elit­ist Pres­i­dent, I want a Pres­i­dent so ridicu­lously smart and intel­li­gent I can’t even hope to fol­low him/her. I want a Pres­i­dent who believes in sci­ence, a Pres­i­dent who is curi­ous beyond any­one else I know, a Pres­i­dent who sees the world as the com­plex sys­tem it really is, I want a Renais­sance Pres­i­dent. And yes I do want a Pres­i­dent that actu­ally causes excite­ment amongst both this nation and other nations. Let’s face it we can’t do every­thing on our own, we do not rule the world, not by far. Espe­cially in the face of our declin­ing eco­nomic strength and polit­i­cal power in the world (awe­some book on this sub­ject).

Most of all, I want a Pres­i­dent who expresses a belief and actu­ally applies it fully. This is one of the largest rea­sons why I can’t vote for a Repub­li­can the major­ity of the time. As I stated at the begin­ning of this post, I do believe in some of the views that the Repub­li­can party expresses, but they don’t apply those views.

What is going on with a party that as far as I can tell says one thing and does another except when it comes to reli­gion? The only thing that the party seems to actu­ally say and do regards social con­ser­v­a­tive posi­tions.

This party needs to find itself and fig­ure out what it really believes or work out some new form of logic to explain the dis­con­nect between what they say and do.

Most of all a party that believes in the idea that one reli­gion is some­how righter than every­body else and that the rest of the coun­try should fall into line with a reli­gious belief. Let’s get one thing right — Social Con­ser­v­a­tives ulti­mately believe in their views not because it makes sense or they have the evi­dence to back it up, but because their reli­gion says this is the way things should be. Their reli­gion doesn’t and shouldn’t dic­tate my life. It’s free­dom of reli­gion — not free­dom to have reli­gion pushed on you. How does homo­sex­u­als being allowed to marry harm their mar­riage? I also didn’t real­ize I needed to be reminded to pray in school.

If I was a mem­ber of the RNC I would be embar­rassed by Sarah Palin just as any Demo­c­rat should have been embar­rassed by Kerry in 2004. We shouldn’t be embar­rassed by our can­di­dates, we should be proud of them.

Intel­li­gence and logic should be first qual­i­fi­ca­tions for a can­di­date some­thing the Repub­li­can Party seems to ignore as far as I can tell, though I would love to hear otherwise.

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