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This col­umn is based on a sim­ple premise: that the changes wrought by fem­i­nism over the past half-century have changed men’s lives as well as women’s. This means we have a choice: we can fight some rear­guard action try­ing to stem the tide; we can run off to some puri­fied male-only retreat to bond and lick our wounds; or we can walk, per­haps hes­i­tantly at first, into a more gender-equal future, real­iz­ing that gen­der equal­ity is not a zero-sum game in which men lose if women win, but a win-win.

via Dis­patches from Guy­land : Ms Mag­a­zine Blog. Awe­some idea for a blog col­umn on the new Ms. Mag­a­zine Blog.

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