Now you see me… show/hide performance – Learning jQuery

Also note that for the major­ity of use cases, all of these meth­ods are plenty fast to use. When you start hav­ing to manip­u­late large jQuery col­lec­tions, .show() and .hide() might become too slow in IE, and you might need to bump up to .add­Class() or .remove­Class(). Enabling/disabling of stylesheets would only be nec­es­sary in the most extreme cases, but if things are hid­ing to slowly for you, you might want to give it a try.

via Now you see me… show/hide per­for­mance – Learn­ing jQuery. Per­son­ally I like using the add/remove class the advan­tage of it already being slightly faster for IE makes it even nicer.

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