– Quick iPhone 4 impressions

The $29 “Bumper” is hilar­i­ous. I think Apple is really in the iPhone-case busi­ness, and the iPhone is just an attempt to sell us some­thing to encase. It’s day one, everyone’s freaked out about break­ing their new all-glass iPhones, and they’ll sell you a “bumper” case — the only case avail­able for the iPhone 4 in the Apple store today — for $29. Look­ing at this tiny piece of rub­ber, you really have to admire Apple for hav­ing the balls to charge $29 for it. And they’re going to sell a ton of them. The best part? It comes in a lot of col­ors, but today, only black is avail­able. So if you’re really set on a teal or pink one, but are para­noid about break­ing your new iPhone, you’re prob­a­bly going to end up buy­ing two of them.

via – Quick iPhone 4 impres­sions. I’m not sure what to say to that other than laugh.

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