FiveThirtyEight – Politics Done Right: Cap-and-Trade is Dead; Long Live Cap-and-Trade

But my premise is that tax increases are inevitable: it’s a ques­tion of who bears those taxes and how they bear them. And at some point Con­gress — which is surely headed for some mas­sive show­downs over the bud­get at some point in the next sev­eral years — might con­clude that cap-and-trade is a more accept­able way to raise rev­enues than an omnibus tax increase. In fact, cap-and-trade actu­ally polls rather well. That might change as the pub­lic learns more about pol­icy and comes to grips with the fact that they’re going to have to bear some of the costs per­son­ally. But other than increased taxes on the very wealthy, and some gim­micky stuff like sin taxes and wind­fall prof­its taxes that don’t have all that much revenue-generating poten­tial, it polls a lot bet­ter than other types of tax increases, and may be a more polit­i­cally palat­able compromise.

via FiveThir­tyEight – Pol­i­tics Done Right: Cap-and-Trade is Dead; Long Live Cap-and-Trade. If I could I would just re-quote the whole arti­cle word for word.

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