ITworld – Gov’t crackdown spurs initiatives to route around DNS

Regard­less of the sup­posed crim­i­nal intent of the affected sys­tems, the seizure with­out notice of these domain names by US author­i­ties sent shock-waves around the Inter­net world. It got people’s atten­tion in a much stronger way than ver­sion 1 of this enforce­ment oper­a­tion had — the first iter­a­tion late last June seized the names of nine sites sell­ing pirated first-run movies. Many peo­ple woke up to the real­ity of how vul­ner­a­ble the DNS is to gov­ern­ment meddling.

Within days of the ICE/DHS seizures, at least three sep­a­rate ini­tia­tives to work around the DNS had been announced, and sev­eral exist­ing alter­na­tives were high­lighted in the ensu­ing dis­cus­sion. Let’s take a look at some of these pro­pos­als — two to route around and one to sup­plant the DNS — and some of the obsta­cles they face.

via ITworld – Gov’t crack­down spurs ini­tia­tives to route around DNS. DNS unfor­tu­nately is too eas­ily inter­fered with on the basis of polit­i­cal decisions.

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