Coding Horror – Trouble In the House of Google

Peo­ple whose opin­ions I respect have all been echo­ing the same sen­ti­ment — Google, the once essen­tial tool, is some­how los­ing its edge. The spam­mers, scrap­ers, and SEO’ed-to-the-hilt con­tent farms are winning.

Like any sane per­son, I’m root­ing for Google in this bat­tle, and I’d love noth­ing more than for Google to tweak a few algo­rith­mic knobs and make this entire blog entry moot. Still, this is the first time since 2000 that I can recall Google search qual­ity ever declin­ing, and it has inspired some rather hereti­cal thoughts in me — are we see­ing the first signs that algo­rith­mic search has failed as a strat­egy? Is the next gen­er­a­tion of search des­tined to be less algo­rith­mic and more social?

It’s a scary thing to even enter­tain, but maybe grav­ity really is broken.

via Cod­ing Hor­ror – Trou­ble In the House of Google. I’m see­ing this start crop­ping up as well where Google seems to be fail­ing in fil­ter­ing out spam or con­tent farm sites.

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