Speckyboy Design Magazine – Beginner’s Study Guide to HTML5 Microformats

For years the web has been a sta­tic devel­op­ment block for hous­ing infor­ma­tion. It hasn’t been up until recently that micro-format designs have been released into the seman­tic web. These allow devel­op­ers to con­tex­tu­ally describe page ele­ments for bet­ter rep­re­sen­ta­tion of what the infor­ma­tion holds.

Most of the tips below are use­ful for those still build­ing their intro­duc­tion into HTML micro­for­mats. Some are more com­mon than oth­ers but the con­cept of contextual-based attrib­utes isn’t a dif­fi­cult one to grasp. Basic knowl­edge of HTML is all that’s required to work with microformats.

via Speck­y­boy Design Mag­a­zine – Beginner’s Study Guide to HTML5 Micro­for­mats. Micro­for­mats are one of those cool ideas that never seem to really take off, no mat­ter how use­ful they would be.

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