Greenpoint Gazette – An Open Letter from Eugene Mirman to Time Warner Cable

Dear Time Warner Cable,

On April 23rd I moved and had an appoint­ment with Time Warner Cable to come and install cable, Inter­net and phone ser­vice and no one showed up. When I called, I was told my appoint­ment was entered wrong and moved to May 4th, with­out any­one call­ing me. No big deal, why would a com­pany check with some­one to see if they are home on a Wednes­day after­noon? Of course they are. Every­one is. Name one per­son who isn’t home on a Wednes­day after­noon? You can’t. It’s impos­si­ble, because every­one is home. It would be a waste of resources to call and talk to him. Did Stalin ever call peo­ple before he arrested them and sent them to die in Siber­ian work camps? No! Why should Time Warner Cable have a pol­icy that is any dif­fer­ent from Stalin’s?

via Green­point Gazette – An Open Let­ter from Eugene Mir­man to Time Warner Cable. It only gets better.

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