Adobe donates Flex to foundation in community-friendly exit strategy

Adobe and the Open Spoon Foun­da­tion are prepar­ing to open up devel­op­ment of the Flex SDK. They plan to donate the tech­nol­ogy to “an estab­lished open source foun­da­tion” so that the Flex com­mu­nity and other stake­hold­ers can par­tic­i­pate in devel­op­ing future ver­sions of the SDK.

Flex is a devel­op­ment frame­work for build­ing con­ven­tional appli­ca­tions with Flash. It’s espe­cially tar­geted at the enter­prise space and has some spe­cial­ized capa­bil­i­ties for cre­at­ing data-driven soft­ware. The core com­po­nents of Flex were released as open source under the Mozilla Pub­lic License in 2007.

Flex devel­op­ment, how­ever, has always been directed solely by Adobe. The move to an open gov­er­nance model will make the process more inclu­sive. Going for­ward, Adobe says that the Flex roadmap will be defined in the open by the project’s gov­ern­ing board. The group will include Adobe engi­neers, third-party Flex appli­ca­tion devel­op­ers, and rep­re­sen­ta­tives of com­pa­nies that use and con­tribute to Flex.

via Adobe donates Flex to foun­da­tion in community-friendly exit strat­egy. First Adobe kills Mobile Flash and now Flex looks like it’s about to wither away.

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