Michael Tsai – PDFpen and iCloud

It’s no longer pos­si­ble to write a sin­gle app that takes advan­tage of the full range of Mac OS X fea­tures. Some APIs only work inside the Mac App Store. Oth­ers only work out­side it. Pre­sum­ably, this gap will widen as more new fea­tures are App Store–exclusive, while sand­box­ing places greater restric­tions on what App Store apps are allowed to do.

via Michael Tsai – PDF­pen and iCloud. My largest long-term fear of OSX is that Apple will slowly turn off the abil­ity for appli­ca­tions to be use­ful with­out using the App Store and thus some Apps may just not exist any­more (SuperDuper is the easy example).

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