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The Faster Times – AOL Hell: An AOL Content Slave Speaks Out

Highly depress­ing read, both into the writ­ing prac­ticed at AOL and what this busi­ness con­sid­ers impor­tant (just gen­er­at­ing stu­pid triv­ial trash to gen­er­ate pageviews).

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Throwing Fire – LastPass Disclosure Shows Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Even the tech­nol­ogy jour­nal­ism sites can’t get things right on occasion.

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Nieman Journalism Lab – Baseless speculation! Frank Rich and the price of paywalls for writers

Good point to rec­og­nize this dif­fer­ence, but the point must still be made that both need to be paid, and half to find a sys­tem that enables writ­ers and pub­lish­ers to make money off the content.

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Short Link: – Radiation + Cable Anchor + Science = ?

Cable news no mat­ter the net­work typ­i­cally is a pile of fail when it comes to science.

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Union of Concerned Scientists – Article Uncritically Passes on Climate Misinformation

Nice take down UCS.

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The New Yorker – News Desk: Why Is Eric Schmidt Stepping Down at Google?

This is super short arti­cle but man it details the entire story of Schmidt leav­ing Google as C.E.O.

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Toppling the statue of Saddam Hussein in Iraq : The New Yorker

This is a clas­sic New Yorker story, take a sin­gle idea or story go really in depth, pull inter­est­ing nuggets and raise questions.

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